Our Company


The company was founded in 2002. We are currently based out of the United States, in San Francisco.


We started our projects in India, before we moved to San Francisco in 2010. We are still available for destination weddings as well as local projects within America.


Our team includes 7 photographers with different specialisations.


Travel through the passion of our photographers and discover their talents.


See our projects in India on rubric “Our projects”, where we discuss about Indian subjects such as street portraits, landscape, and wedding ceremonies.


Apart from our 7 photographers, we also have 10 technicians who deal with the technical side of photography who edit and set up rigs and the lighting.


My love for photography started when me and my brother were 15, we were fascinated by this art form and decided to open our company in 2002. We decided to focus on wedding photography because we love wedding days, they are incredible occasions filled with joy and we are so happy to be able to play a small part in that.


Love inspires us deeply and when I was lucky enough to get married myself I saw exactly important it is to have beautiful memories of such a special day, that can be treasured for a lifetime.


We promise that we will try to capture all the love and enjoyment of your day, so you can have the best memories possible to look back on.